Aspects of a positive learning environment

Scott, T. M., Park, K., Swain-Bradway, J., & Landers, E. (2007). Positive Behavior Support in the Classroom: Facilitating Behaviorally Inclusive Learning Environments. International Journal Of Behavioral Consultation And Therapy, 3(2), 223-235.

Because most Adult Basic Education students come back to school by choice, there are very few behavioural problems in an ABE classroom. Unfortunately, some students come back to school and display the very same behaviours that contributed to their lack of success in High School in the first place–arriving late, leaving early, interrupting other students – all of which is disruptive and has a negative impact on the learning environment. Since I’m already familiar with the Positive Behavior Support protocol, I’ll be applying the strategies detailed in this article to help support positive behavioural change in these students.

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