Learning Styles DON’T Exist??

Most people assume that there is scientific evidence supporting the idea of learning styles. Apparently, there isn’t. If you compare the results of people using their preferred style or another preferred style, you should see some difference in the effectiveness of the learning of the two groups, but you don’t.

In this video, Dr. Daniel Willingham talks about the evidence and what it implies. He’s also produced this faq which contains a wealth of information on the subject.

I found his research to be thorough and his reasoning to be sound and it certainly convinced me. Still, judging by the comments on the video and by some of the things he says on his site, there are definitely differing opinions out there.

FAQ: Learning Styles FAQ

Video: Learning Styles Don’t Exist (Aug 21, 2008)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=sIv9rz2NTUk http://visible-learning.org/2013/02/john-hattie-presentation-maximising-the-impact-video-transcript/


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