Flipped Learning

If you’re interested in learning more about the Flipped Classroom idea, this is a good article to get you started. The Flipped Classroom model grew out of an idea two Colorado chemistry teachers had to help students who had other commitments (probably basketball games or the like), keep up with their studies. They started recording lections and demonstrations for them and posting them on YouTube. It turned out to be a great idea for all students because those that missed class could view the material that was covered. But, it also improved the performance of other students, probably because it allowed the advanced students to zoom ahead and provided review for the students who needed it. It also freed up class time for the teachers to work individually with students, because they didn’t have to spend the time giving a lecture.

The paper provides a thorough explanation of the flipped classroom model. It defines flipped learning, explains what is required – the four pillars and provides a good survey of the research done in to the flipped classroom model, from elementary to post-secondary schools.

A review of Flipped Learning


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