Effective Classroom Management

There are many approaches to Classroom Management. Here are some that we discussed:


Three Simple Keys to Effective Classroom Management  In this article, Monique Perry talks about the three steps she follows for effective Classroom Management:

  • Set the Tone from Day One, document and publish your guidelines
  • Model the Way – practice what you preach
  • Be consistent – Or, as she says, “What’s the purpose of a law, if no one enforces it?”


Classroom Management  This article discusses the notion of the 3 components of classroom management:

  • Content – How the instructor manages the physical classroom space, movement of people, lessons
  • Conduct – How well the instructor addresses and resolve discipline problems in the classroom
  • Covenant – The group dynamics in the Classroom

The consensus in the discussion was that content had the most potential because it engaged students, thus leveraging their intrinsic motivation.


Management Tips for New Teachers  This article provided some insight and tips for new teachers.


Ground Rules  Many problems can be avoided if ground rules are established at the beginning. This guide discusses when to set ground rules (at the beginning), how to explain them (what they are, thy they exist) and provides some example rules you might consider using in your own class.
The Key to Classroom Management  Providing practical strategies for building positive classroom dynamics, this well-researched article points out that because teacher-student relationships are an essential foundation for effective classroom management, teacher-student relationships should be managed and not just left to chance.


I did learn a lot about classroom management from this discussion. However, there’s one problem I didn’t see any resources about. In my classroom, we accept inappropriate dress, coming late, leaving early, salty language. When someone voices something that is clearly out of line, someone will usually correct them “Hey Bro, that kind of talk is not supportive”. But, I’ve yet to find a resource to address how to handle an almost fight, the most stressful problem in my classroom. I’ve refereed half a dozen and punches have yet to be thrown. Still, I’d like to find a resource for this issue.

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