Really Big Resource – Solve a Teaching Problem

Solve a Teaching Problem by Carnegie Mellon University

Here’s a valuable site from Carnegie Mellon University that provides practical strategies to address common teaching problems. It has you identify a teaching problem and possible causes and then provides you with strategies to address the problem. It covers a variety of teaching problems, broken down in to the following categories:

  • Attitudes & Motivation (e.g. lack of motivation, rude in class)
  • Prerequisite Knowledge & Preparedness (e.g. students can’t write, can’t research)
  • Critical Thinking & Applying Knowledge (e.g. students can’t apply what they’ve learned)
  • Group Skills & Dynamics (e.g. group projects aren’t working)
  • Classroom Behavior & Etiquette (e.g. student monopolizes class, emotional students)
  • Grading & Assessment (e.g. students perform poorly on exams, students cheat)
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