Instructional Strategy – Amber Donovan’s Poker Chip Question Technique

Amber Donovan contributed this questioning technique.

“I learned this technique in another course and tried it out the last time I taught and it worked so well, I was shocked and excited at the results:

I gave each student 3 “poker chips” (you can really use anything) and challenge them, tell them that for each question they answer they need to hand in a chip – your goal is to hand in all of your chips by lunch time (or the end of the lesson, which ever) and once you are out of chips you are no longer allowed to participate until all the others have answered or given their opinions.

I found this really opened up the quiet, introverted students that may have been too shy OR they take a bit longer to think about the answer – I often saw the extroverts taking over the conversation to the point that the introverted students were not able to speak their minds.

It was great to hear the ideas and answers from those that weren’t participating as often as others and it actually opened them up in the following lessons and participation did go up.”

from PIDP 3250 Forum Discussion

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