Drywall isn’t done the same way everywhere in the world

In his blog, Adult Learning, James Turner makes an interesting point,

“In construction trades training it is easy to assume that basic construction skills are universal. This is not the case when the student has already begun learning in another country where resources, methods and environments are different from what we have here in Canada. If a worker who has come from Hawaii were to be instructed prepare a wood-framed wall for installation of drywall, he would likely leave out the steps of adding insulation or vapour barrier sheeting, since insulating a structure is not required on Hawaii. Being aware of such differences in the background of our students, is just one portion of the role we play as instructor in our diverse classrooms.”

In our multicultural country, being aware of cultural differences when teaching takes on special significance. Here’s an article he referenced to get you started thinking about becoming “culturally competent”.

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