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Here’s the answers to all the big questions

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams Also referred to as the Last Lecture, this is a lecture x Randy Pausch wrote so his kids would remember him. A computer science prof, a husband and a father, Randy had … Continue reading

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Gaming can make a better world?

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world (video)

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Student Engagement and motivation – a Theoretical Primer

Student engagement is a good predictor of student knowledge acquisition and general cognitive development. Engagement, in turn, is a function of active learning and motivation. Fortunately, much research has been done on understanding motivation. How can you Measure Student Engagement?  … Continue reading

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ARCS Motivational Model

The ARCS Model of Motivational Design, created by John Keller is based on Tolman’s and Lewin’s expectancy-value theory, which assumes that people are motivated to learn if there they expect success in learning it and value the knowledge presented. The … Continue reading

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Assessment for Learning and motivating

Here are some articles on using grading, not grading and failure as motivational strategies. Kinser, R. (December 4, 2012). Grade changes: Using marks to motivate students. Education Week. This article is about using grading practices for motivational purposes while protecting … Continue reading

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Really Big Resource – Solve a Teaching Problem

Solve a Teaching Problem by Carnegie Mellon University Here’s a valuable site from Carnegie Mellon University that provides practical strategies to address common teaching problems. It has you identify a teaching problem and possible causes and then provides you with … Continue reading

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Metacognitive Study Skills

If you’re looking for ways to actually apply metacognitive strategies to enhance learning outcomes, read this article. It’s a gold mine of information about how to recognize metacognitive errors and how to fix them. It discusses problems with learning as … Continue reading

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Flipped Learning

If you’re interested in learning more about the Flipped Classroom idea, this is a good article to get you started. The Flipped Classroom model grew out of an idea two Colorado chemistry teachers had to help students who had other … Continue reading

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Bonus Marks earned, not given

Here’s a carrot approach to getting homework done – allow students to earn bonus marks for extra work, but only if their homework is done. Golding, T. (February, 2010) Extra Credit Assignments: An Innovative Approach.  

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100 Motivational Techniques

100+ Motivational Techniques to Take Learning to the Next Level This article from has over 100 suggestions for making your lessons more engaging.

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